Haskel Jackson Entertainment Is:

Haskel Jackson Entertainment, is an entertainment company that uses a diverse approach to reach the world. HJENT has been labeled by many as the "ONE STOP SHOP" network. From Music Production to Music Artistry to the Industry of Music Business, all can be serviced at HJENT. It has quickly become the Music Industries Entertainment resource.

P.A.I. Stations is a full on Artist Development Company that is a curriculum based initiative designed to equip producers, artist and industry folk with the knowledge and experience necessary to work in the music industry, by focusing on Production, Artistry and the Industry in an interactive way. The goal of the company is to use the love of music and the arts to motivate people from all walks of life to pursue higher musical education as a means of reaching their goals.

Haskel Jackson, the CEO/Founder of Genesoul Productions is a 7x Grammy Nominated Music Producer. Through meticulous research and development, Haskel noticed the lack of opportunity and resources available for up and coming musicians and artist to succeed. Genesoul Productions was created to combat this unfortunate truth. In a span of 20 plus years, Genesoul Productions has grown to be a professional Industry Standard Hollywood Recording Studio and Artist Development Complex.  Genesoul has excelled at delivering timeless music in all music genre's, at it's highest level.


444 Management consist of Haskel Jackson, Erica Cole & Thomas Anderson. Haskel created this management group to support and manage talent. Talent such as Artist, Bands, Producers and Djays. Being that the market is saturated with creative individuals from every walk of life, we pride ourselves on representing individuals that have a unique approach to the industry. Our companies experience spans 20 plus years in the entertainment industry. 444 will make a powerful statement, not only in the physical realm but also in the mental & spiritual realm. 


The Score Keeper is a kingdom minded brand that expands and reaches the world from a belief that includes all, but highlights and uplifts those that also want to move the community and culture forward. Our aim is to feed those that may not even know they are starving and then teach them to teach others to create a togetherness that lasts for generations and beyond.

The Vision is to become an entity known for advocating for the Arts, especially in schools. To engage and support underserved schools in neighborhoods that lack the needed resources to thrive. To create meaningful programs and events that will innovate and challenge kids to aim high. To create a fraternity and a sorority of “Teaching Artists” that will be prepared and ready to teach


Haskel owns and runs The Genesoul Music Lab In Inglewood, Ca. This is a fully equipped industry standard recording studio. His studio doors are open 24 hrs a day. From major to developing artist, all have been served at this centrally located Inglewood facility on Crenshaw Blvd. and Hardy. Haskel's studio is an industry standard recording studio which will expand his services and theirs to the community and to the music industry. 

Music For Your Mental Health (@MFYMH) is a unique program, facilitated by Grammy-nominated music producers and therapists, that fosters the creation of music as a therapeutic tool for youth aged 4 to 18.

Music therapy is an evidence-based clinical use of musical interventions to improve one’s quality of life. Music therapy is the fusion of music and therapeutic practices; used to help individuals cope with the issues of life.

@MFYMH has created a program that provides educational assemblies and grade-specific music workshops. In these assemblies and workshops, students walk away with enhanced self-expression skills, improved perception and differentiation of feelings, increased self-esteem, increased verbalization, and improved social skills.

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